Friday, February 9, 2007

Hang 2

The sun didn't come out today, but I managed a 27 minute flight to get my Hang 2 signoff. We launched from Crestline in winds that were a little cross, so we went straight for the LZ.

Once there, I notice the winds were coming from a different direction than usual, requiring a (first for me) right hand approach to the LZ. I did figure eights, coming out of the last one a bit too high, but I didn't want to hit any of the structures or cars on that side of the LZ, so I was really wanting to keep it high.

My instructor was on the ground pointing me to the best spot to aim for. I dove so hard to get to the LZ I had quite a ground skim to work the energy out of... and the winds died right as I came in. Meh. It was fun and I hit pretty close to where I was aiming.

So, Hang 2, first Crestline launch, first opposite side landing. Fun day.