Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Pleasant Day at Torrey Pines

I haven't had much to yap about this winter, as I've only been working on the Big O Loop, with a smattering of unremarkable flights.

Friday, however, I did have a pleasant bit of flying at Torrey Pines. I took two flights with Joe Spinney borrowing my wing in between (Joe is pictured here)

Joe Spinney on my U2

Only a couple of things worth mentioning:
- Finally got another of Rebar Dan's Hook In signs delivered to Torrey. Let's see if those pissants who chucked the last one over the cliff leave this one alone.
- Got most of a right turn out of my wing, but it needs some TLC, there's still a bit of one there.
- Being 160 pounds on a U2 160 with full VG on a medium-light day at Torrey puts you above most other wings.
- It was fun to just chill up and down the range, buzzing people on the cliffs, getting a better view of the mansions and pier and golfers, and just, generally, relaxing. I'm not used to being so relaxed in the air for such a long period of time. It's always cathartic, but usually busier. The relaxing flights are usually sledders, by definition short.

Peace in our time? If any PG pilots mess with this one, maybe we can just bitch slap 'em.

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